How to Choose Rhododendrons. The range of Rhododendron taxa cultivated in the garden includes those derived from the more familiar and stalwart groups, such as subsections Fortunea, Saluenensia, Triflora and Pontica, as well as examples of many less well-known groups, i.e., subgenus Tsutsusi section Brachycalyx (the so-called three-leaf azaleas) and subgenus Hymenanthes section Pontica subsection Glischra (including the unusual R. glischrum subsp. There are particularly fine examples of the ravishingly purple R. canadense and the perfect, aromatic miniature R. lapponicum in the North American area, R. ferrugineum in the European section and a small number of other non-Asian species displayed in the Alpine Garden. Cultivated in the Carolinian Forest Garden are wild-collected rhododendrons, including R. catawbiense, R. maximum, R. minus, and the deciduous R. canescens, R. arborescens, R. vaseyi, R. prinophyllum and R. calendulaceum. Many people recognize the thickly fuzzy leaves of the typical R. bureavii, but taliensias are also often less teddy-bearish, with a number displaying unusual leaf features and textures, such as the glaucous, convex-leafed R. clementinae, the bristly stems and narrow, rusty wool-backed leaves of R. roxieanum, the weirdly patchy indumentum of R. aganniphum var. $399.99. A number of lepidotes are notable for their various odorous emissions, including the triflorums and many of the small-leaved species, but the cinnabarinums take the prize for the most aromatic of the larger lepidotes. The Royal Horticultural Society is the UK’s leading gardening charity. [1] (R. ‘Sunup-Sundown’ ´ R. ‘Lem’s Cameo’): Jack Lofthouse (1915-2005), Vancouver, BC. xanthocodon Concatenans Group along Kingdon Ward Way. For example, the Himalayan R. arboreum, its various subspecies, varieties and forms, and its close relatives (e.g., R. niveum, R. lanigerum) and the western Chinese R. argyrophyllum and its relatives (including R. floribundum, R. denudatum, R. rirei and R. thayerianum) are primarily located near the garden entrance. 'u7': 'NA', Brenda Darroch. Continuing eastward along this path, Wharton collections of R. glandulosum and R. serotinum are now clearly showing their tree-like inclinations. In continental Europe the minimum temperature ratings are more relevant. At a time of year when most other plants look drab and dreary, rhododendrons are bursting into spectacular colour, with giant bunches of beautiful flowers in pinks, reds, purples whites and yellows. Such plants are damaged in our severest winters or by late or early frosts. Buy plants that are a deep green (not yellowed), not wilted, and well watered. Lavender Haze. 1986. Various species of subsection Thomsonia are spread around the Asian Garden, among them the rare and beautiful R. stewartianum and R. cyanocarpum, and taking pride of place opposite the Moon Gate are three separate R. thomsonii accessions (from Nepal, Sikkim and Bhutan). Specimens in the subsection Taliensia are mostly located mid-garden along Upper Asian Way in an open, mostly unshaded area. 'u6': 'NA', Rhododendron Hybrids; A Guide to Their Origins. We use divisions of hardiness which have now been adopted by R.H.S. flavorufum, or R. wiltonii, a reptilian delight with its glossy, bullate upper leaf surface. But don’t worry, it is easy to narrow down what you want to a few sections. Of the shrubbier species, R. orbiculare is a crowd favourite. Medium rhododendrons will grow to 1/2m x 1/2 in 6-10 years so 1 1.5m spacing is good. Standouts in this respect include R. wasonii, R. trailianum and R. faberi, but admittedly, not every visitor is keyed into these subtle aromas. Rhododendrons are at the top of that list. Plant Sales Enquiries ... We have 25 varieties of Rhododendron to choose from including the award of garden merit Rhododendron Albert Schweitzer with its beautiful pale pink blooms and available in a lovely compact bushy shape and the vigorous Rhododendron Halfdan Lem. Samsung Galaxy Buds+ (Plus) In-Ear Sound Isolating Truly Wireless Headphones - Black … (128 Reviews) … Made famous by their glossy green foliage and masses of colourful spring blooming flowers, Rhododendrons are available in many shapes, sizes, flower colours and varieties. This species is so vigorous that it constantly sends up suckers, which if not removed, gradually take all the sap from the plant, eventually causing the variety grafted onto the rootstock to die off. window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || []; Throughout the modern history of UBC Botanical Garden, rhododendrons have been a high collection priority. Ideal soil pH for rhododendron plants is somewhere between 4.5 and 6.0. Our online catalogue or 56 page paper catalogue can be daunting. H4 Hardy: Suitable for most of UK areas, including fairly well inland, coastal Europe. 3 year old. Immediately after flowering, in early May, is the best time to prune the Rhododendron. Check the soil in the container with your finger and avoid plants that are … Quantity . Rhododendron Care | Planting and Maintenance Tips. Many old hybrid collections have now reverted to dense plantings of R. ponticum with the hybrids grafted on top lost long ago. We have a huge range of top quality Hybrid Rhododendrons, top quality, low prices and free delivery! At 2.5 m tall, these Himalayan beauties show manzanita-like peeling stems and rich scarlet flowers atop waxy rounded leaves. The Garden began propagating rhododendrons in 1964 with the majority of the material for propagation derived from larger estates and gardens in the UK. diaprepes ‘Gargantua’ are now well over 12 m tall and they tower above other huge rhododendrons. Wide range of rhododendron plants for delivery to anywhere in the UK through our secure online ordering system. }); UBC Faculty of Science, Office of the Dean Earth Sciences Building, 2178-2207 Main Mall, Greenheart TreeWalk (Closed until Spring), Nitobe Memorial Garden (Closed until Spring),, The garden has a few plants that are rare in cultivation, such as R. fulgens, R. cyanocarpum, R. uvarifolium, R. ochraceum and R. yuefengense. WEB SALES OFFICE WILL BE CLOSED FROM 25TH OF DECEMBER UNTIL 4TH OF JANUARY. 'u2': '', When shopping for rhododendron or azaleas, pay attention to when they flower. They can be pruned. These shrubs are almost all so attractively shaped and the leaves dressed in such handsome shades and textures of indumentum that one hardly cares if the plants produce a bloom. In the UK, it is rarely extreme cold that causes damage so don’t pay too much attention to minimum temperature ratings. This group includes plants that are often moderately large leafed and large flowered, and that bloom over a long season. Rhododendron Plants- Organically Grown - Satisfaction Guaranteed - FREE Shipping - Buy NOW - Grow your best gardens with us! K.C. Huge selection to buy online with nationwide UK (including Scotland) and Ireland delivery . After flowering is the best time. Peter Wharton joined the staff of the garden in 1975 and was assigned to the continued development of the Asian Garden. With around 900 species and over 25,000 named hybrids, it can be hard work to decide what you want. You’ll be lucky if your local garden centre stocks more than a handful of common varieties, and then, probably only in Spring, at flowering time. Glendoick never use R. ponticum as an understock and only use ‘Cunningham’s White’, other rootstocks which throw very few suckers. Ultimately, the garden’s rhododendron collection is less about “stamp collecting” and more about growing the widest range of plants that both hold some justifiable significance and suit the conditions in the garden. If you are looking for the best Azalea and Rhododendron varieties, this list will tell you the ones that are the easiest to grow, most fragrant, and have the prettiest flowers. Many are well worth growing for their foliage alone! You can amend the soils with peat moss, compost, and other soil acidifiers to keep them happy. Blooms late spring 5-6 ft tall x 4-5 ft spread HARDY to -20°F (-28.9°C) Attracts pollinators Rabbit resistant Evergreen Fragrant. Plant larger hybrids at 2m spacing for quick effect to fill in 5-8 years and 3 m apart for more long term plans. Post Code. The Life and Times of a Plantsman in the Sikkim Himalayas: A Memoir. Whether an accession is derived from a wild or cultivated source, its provenance and pedigree have become, along with beauty, conservation value and botanical interest, measures of its importance. Moisture and length of growing season greatly affect rate of growth: mild wet areas may have twice the growth rate of cold dry ones. Another standout is R. oreodoxa var. The Garden’s rhododendron collection is extensive. We use divisions of hardiness which have now been adopted by R.H.S. Beware of pruning old (pre 1950s) plants grafted on R. ponticum which tend to sucker. Height 25-50cm in 10 years. Damage from late or early season frosts when plants are soft or not hardened off is much more common and can be very damaging or fatal. Deciduous azaleas can be planted 2m apart and are fine if they grow into oneanother. Large leafed rhododendrons are well represented in the Asian Garden. Moving east, the triflorums, such as the richly violet-coloured R. concinnum, pink R. davidsonianum and the mauve, sapphire and sky-toned seedlings of R. augustinii, form elegant thickets, and are commonly planted near large conifers. Limit of hardiness at Glendoick. fargesii, with its abundant lax trusses of softly ruffled, pink flowers. 3 gal size 3-4 year old plants. $45.00. Rhododendron Bi-color , Purple , White Rhododendron. Only in the more open E. H. Lohbrunner Alpine Garden do the smaller-leafed, sun-loving rhododendrons remain in their ascendency. Yes! Name. A compact plant with bronzy-plum winter foliage. The ARS provides this list for information purposes only, without specific endorsement of the suppliers or their products. Care . SAVE $150. All lepidotes (small leaved rhododendrons) and deciduous and evergreen azaleas can be cut back or pruned. Rhododendron species (but not hybrids) can be raised from wild collected or hand pollinated seed. Some of the more notable with respect to size and number include the summer flowering, honeysuckle-scented R. auriculatum (subsection Auriculata), R. kesangiae (subsection Grandia) with its paddle-like, glossy, heavily textured leaves, the flashing, burnt orange undersides of R. fulvum (subsection Fulva), and the hardier species in subsection Falconera—R. 1 gal. Grandma's Hat. At the western end of Lower Asian Way, garden visitors are met with a wall of 6 m high R. vernicosum plants. In the Northeast, early spring or early fall planting is the best time to put a rhododendron into the ground. 'u9': 'NA', Mildest U.K. west-coast islands and south/western coastline. Quantity . gtag('js', new Date()); Dig the hole twice as big as the pot, but no deeper than it. Phone: 01738 860260 Email, The Cafe is OPEN from 9.30am (10am Sunday) to 4pm Last orders for hot food 3pm, Soup 3.30pm, Coffee & Cake 4pm, Phone: 01738 860265 Email, Glendoick Garden Centre, Glencarse, Perth, PH2 7NS. This forest of straight stems and dark green foliage is the background to a restful landscape where shrubs, including a number of evergreen azaleas, have been clipped into homogeneous undulating masses, in accordance with a Zen Buddhist garden design philosophy that eschews displays of exuberance by foundation plants, thus creating contemplative surrounding spaces on which to rest the eyes. Join the RHS today and get 12 months for the price of 9. Even more extraordinary, the developing indumentum starts out pure white and with the texture of the inside of a marshmallow, before it gradually darkens to its final light salmon-brown. With the predominance of high, overhead shade, the larger leafed and taller growing rhododendrons are well represented. Discover rhododendrons. Address. Rhododendron plants, similar to many other plants in the Ericaceae family, prefer acidic soils. 'u3': 'VancouverCoastMountains', In his field notes, he records it as ‘A forest tree with handsome foliage, truss with 12-18 flowers…it goes right to the summit where it forms forests…it should be hardy’. Conservation concerns are obvious when considering extinction and loss of wild habitat—and critically important when considering the fates of wild rhododendrons locally and in Asia—but less obvious are the conservation challenges regarding the loss of cultivars. One of the all time favourite plants that gardeners enjoy the world over is the Rhododendron. We … In total, the various areas of the Garden share approximately 450 Rhododendron taxa. Choose an area for planting that receives ample amounts of both sunlight and shade — filtered sunlight is ideal. Peter Wharton joined the staff of the garden in 1975 and was assigned to the continued […] Taxa in the subsection Fortunea are among the most numerous in the garden, and are also arguably some of the toughest and most rewarding large rhododendrons that can be grown in the Vancouver area. Rhododendron Pearce's American Beauty Clusters of dark fuchsia buds open to reveal vibrant, deep rose flowers with a gold blotch that bloom on glossy, dark green evergreen foliage, which retain their colour in fall. Rhododendron lochiae is an Australian species with attractive red tubular flowers. Buy plants online; RHS Flower Shows » ... Everything you need to know about choosing the right rhododendron for you. Regions suitable for growing rhododendrons and azaleas are those that have naturally acidic soils, adequate water availability, moderate humidity and winds and lack of temperature extremes. Get involved. not-featured. Still, with new rhododendron acquisitions (as well as with acquisitions of all other kinds of plants), the garden is mainly interested in wild seed collections of known provenance. If I like a particular species of plant, I collect a lot of them! Rhododendron Care Rhododendron Planting Tips. Can I prune rhodendrons and azaleas to keep them small? not-featured. Slow growth rate. Royal Horticultural Society. $45.00. H1 Tender (mild frosts only). Timber Press, Portland Oregon. Glendoick have around 5000 varieties in their collection and propagate around 1000 species and hybrids. Scattered about the garden are still more groupings, some related and others juxtaposed or separated for other reasons—shade, drainage, ultimate size, flower colour or leaf shape. Quantity . The active acquisition of plants, their study and interpretation in both the garden and the field is fundamental for any university botanical garden. Older plants of R. sutchuenense and especially the many giant R. calophytum specimens in this area help define the southeastern reaches of the Asian Garden. Widely grown lavender-pink ‘P.J.M.’ rhododendron (R. [PJM Group] ‘P.J.M.’) (Photo by Stephen Westcott-Gratton) The colour spectrum of my garden widened dramatically this week as the first rhododendrons began to flower in various shades of white, pink, orange, red and magenta. Fertilizing Rhododendrons and Azaleas benefit from an application of acid fertilizer in the spring. $25.00. Once established they are … 'u10': '900053070', Peter A. Cox & Kenneth N.E. Most varieties can be cut back if they get too big, but some (especially species with smooth bark) will not regenerate. When you’ve seen one in full flower it’s not too hard to understand why. ASUS VivoBook 15.6" Laptop - Slate Grey (Intel Core i5-1035G1/512GB SSD/16GB RAM/Windows 10) … (2 Reviews) $749.99. Rhododendrons and azaleas come in all shapes and sizes from a few inches tall to giant forest trees. Given the extraordinary colour and texture of the foliage, one hardly requires flowers, but the lax, Dijon mustard-coloured bells of this rhododendron are improbably attractive. Low elevations fairly near west coast and on east coast. H2 Rather tender. Its ample rounded leaves and bulging, hot pink bells are extraordinarily handsome, alone, or particularly together. Choose the spot where you can enjoy the rhododendron. Dwarf:   to 40cm in 10 years, usually spreading, wider than high. There is something about the way the light shines through the petals that gives them a luminous quality different from anything else. While their flowers are the flashiest attributes, the evergreen leaves of most rhododendron varieties make a great garden backdrop year-round. Today, the value of every plant in the garden must be rationalized in terms of our mission. He records the location as Mt Javpo, Naga Hills, Assam, occurring from 8-10,000ft and he collected the seed on December 1st 1927. aeruginosum (subsection Campanulata) was strategically located in an area that receives plenty of sunshine to help maintain its extraordinary blue leaf wax, and near to the path so that visitors can see and feel the wonderful indumentum on the undersides of its leaves, which one staff member likens to baby beaver pelt. There are over 900 species of rhododendrons and over 25,000 named hybrids of rhododendrons and azaleas. Notwithstanding a few exceptions, this reflects the prevailing attitude in botanical gardens about the value of hybrids relative to species and other naturally occurring taxa, and especially to collections of known wild provenance. How to Grow and Look after your Rhododendron. Glendoick Garden Centre offers around 250 different varieties. Beautiful spring gardens, small or large, can be created beneath trees by planting these shrubs, along with other shade-tolerant plants like Camellias, Hol… Aromatic rhododendrons are of course not limited to the taliensias. British Columbia also has its share of Rhododendron species and the BC Rainforest Garden is where visitors can find a number of examples of R. macrophyllum and all three Labrador tea (formerly Ledum) species, R. palustre, R. neoglandulosum and R. groenlandicum. The beautiful R. campanulatum subsp. 1997. Glendoick Mail Order 2020-21 October-March. In the UK, it is rarely extreme cold that causes damage so don’t pay too much attention to minimum temperature ratings. This makes them ideal in a mixed flower border. Rhododendron Bi-color , Purple , White Rhododendron. Peter spent more than 30 years developing the Asian Garden and he led or participated in nine field and seed collecting expeditions to China, South Korea and northern Vietnam. For species and more unusual hybrids you will have to go to one of the many specialist nurseries like this one at Glendoick. However, they mostly do and those flowers are often delightful. London. Where to Site Your Rhododendron. Both in terms of numbers of taxa and overall beauty, rhododendrons have always been the backbone of the Garden. Rhododendron and Azalea Hardiness. In continental Europe the … TCL 4-Series 55" 4K UHD HDR LED Android Smart TV (55S434-CA) - 2021 - Only at Best Buy … (932 Reviews) $399.99. The smell of these and the other cinnabarinums nearby is a heady mixture of camphor and clove oil and can occasionally induce a headache in some people if they stay too long in the vicinity. If you have had problems growing rhododendrons in the past, perform a soil test. Early varieties can blossom in March, late ones into July or even the fall. Send additions and corrections to the Office Administrator at address below. Quantity . These R.ponticum suckers are easy to see at flowering time (with purple-magenta flowers) Break the suckers off. Rhododendron [Gk, "red tree"] is a large genus (700 species) of the heath family (Ericaceae) found in the Northern Hemisphere; 4 species are native to Canada. After flowering, you should cut Rhododendron short. 'allow_custom_scripts': true, The Garden began propagating rhododendrons in 1964 with the majority of the material for propagation derived from larger estates and gardens in the UK. Glendoick Publishing. K.W. Perth, Scotland. Nitobe Memorial Garden is also home to a number of Rhododendron taxa, although these plants have never been part of the garden’s collections database. Rhododendrons have no ultimate size, they can carry on growing indefinitely. Every time I go through my garden to take pictures, I realize that I’m a bit of a plant hoarder. The majority of these species were collected as seed from the remarkably bio-diverse southern Appalachian Mountains. Rhododendron cinnabarinum subsp. The two main things to consider when selecting rhododendrons are your hardiness zone and the amount of space available for the plant to grow. Buy Rhododendron plants from Hopes Grove Nurseries. September 19, 2016 September 21, 2016 Canada's Local Gardener Magazine 7759 Views Ontario Gardener The delicate mauve of a rhododendron flower cannot be imitated in any other flower. Keshab C. Pradhan. Low  80-1.3m in 10 years, will eventually reach 2m x 2m or more (20 years) Medium 1.3-2m in 10 years up to 3-4m+ in time. In this regard, the garden is committed to integrating conservation and biodiversity education, as well as recognizing “significance to horticulture” into its curatorial philosophy and programming. Homer E. Salley & Harold E. Greer. xanthocodon. Rhododendrons prefer a humus rich moist but well drained soil and some protection from and extreme afternoon sun. 7724 was collected by Frank Kingdon Ward on his 1927-28 expedition to India, Tibet and Burma. SAVE $150. Semi-dwarf   to 40-80cm in 10 years, often spreading wider than high. Here’s how to grow rhododendrons. rex, R. arizelum, R. sinofalconeri, R. basilicum, R. hodgsonii, and R. falconeri—all of which never fail to impress garden visitors with their outsized leaves, huge flowers and tree-like stature. rude, R. crinigerum and the more familiar R. recurvoides). 'u1': 'UBCBotanicalGarden', Grafted rhododendrons had a bad reputation,  largely due to the traditional use of R. ponticum as an understock, until the 1950s. New Search : Search Results: Nurseries located in Canada. Moisture Rhododendrons and Azaleas do not like to dry out; therefore, your soil must be consistently moist but never soggy. Greenhouse culture for colder areas. Amazing 125+ Year Old Rhododendron Tree in Ladysmith, British Columbia, Canada Tom BoredPanda staff When reddit user smartforever posted this magnificent picture of an old rhododendron (from Ancient Greek rhódon “rose” and déndron “tree”) on reddit, he probably made it the most famous rhododendron ever. gtag('config', 'DC-8341466'); gtag('event', 'conversion', { Where you prune the Rhododendron, it also runs out and flowers the following year. 'u4': 'Activities_Attractions', We aim to enrich everyone’s life through plants, and make the UK a greener and more beautiful place. Quantity . Many species are surprisingly glandular and aromatic and the faint smells of camphor, licorice, peach and sandalwood mix and linger in the area. Not reliably hardy outdoors at Glendoick but reliably hardy in Argyll, Cornwall, West Wales, Ireland and similar climates. Our audience includes researchers, educators and students, as well as a diverse, non-academic community whose constituents appreciate gardens for a multitude of other reasons, including the appreciation of great rhododendrons. [2] (R. ‘Loderi King George’ ´ R. williamsianum): Endre Ostbo (1888-1958), Everett, WA. We pride ourselves in one of the best ranges of Rhododendron species in the country, and we try to propagate these from collectors' seed, or recognised good forms. Buy plants direct from the grower with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Raised by that true Rhododendron enthusiast Warren Berg on the Olympic peninsula in Washington State, USA. $65.00. Probably the best dwarf yellow available flowering in April. However, as one would expect, Asian rhododendrons, primarily species and selections from Japan, the Himalayas and the mountains of western China (Asia is where the genus reaches its greatest diversity), are among the real jewels here. 'u8': 'NA', The greatest concentration of hybrids was in an area near the Botanical Garden Nursery, which is now demolished and was generally off-limits to garden visitors. Our specimens of R. decorum subsp. Tall  2m+ in 10 years, ultimately 4-6m x 3-6m or more. If you know broadly what you want, then go to our online catalogue arranged in categories. Rhododendrons in the Asian Garden are loosely arranged according to subsection, with some areas easily identifiable by these groups. Instead of struggling to grow unsuitable plants it is best to concentrate instead on shrubs that naturally grow and thrive in shade. Heavy clay soils are not suitable and lime or wood ash should not be added to the soil. 'send_to': 'DC-8341466/tpr/tpartfb0+unique' Like the Asian Garden, Nitobe was carved out of a natural second-growth stand, here composed primarily of tightly spaced Tsuga heterophylla (western hemlock) and Pseudotsuga menziesii (Douglas fir). Shade is the biggest ‘problem’ in many gardens, especially if you have mature shade trees like maple on your property. Rhododendron Yakushimanum is the ideal plant for smaller gardens as it is a dwarf growing variety.

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