Made with the wholesome ingredients you need to jump-start your day! I used pumpkin puree, coconut oil, maple syrup, old fashioned oats (gluten free if necessary), ground ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, ground cloves, chia seeds and pecans. Add pumpkin puree, eggs and warmed coconut oil and honey. Your email address will not be published. In the 2 years since posting the recipe for these healthy pumpkin oatmeal cookies for the first time, it has quickly become the most popular recipe on this site! Last, but certainly not least, there is melted coconut oil. Plus, they’re sweetened with just a little bit of maple syrup and have no refined sugars. These healthy Pumpkin Breakfast Cookies make a nutritious and grab-and-go breakfast that tastes like fall! In a large bowl combine both kinds of oats, cranberries, pumpkin seeds, ground flax, pumpkin pie spice and salt. Pumpkin Breakfast Cookies make a delicious and healthy breakfast! s.setAttribute('data-uid','30bb3f0ab9-XX');document.head.appendChild(s); Stir in oats, spices, chia seeds and pecans. These cookies are full of sweet pumpkin, pumpkin spice, and melty chocolate chips. Going to make them again this morning and add: 1/2 tsp baking soda, 1/2 tsp baking powder, 2 tbsp hemp hearts and see how it works out! These healthy pumpkin spice cookies are full of pumpkin, oatmeal, and spice! Bake for about 15-20 minutes until edges are lightly browned. healthy pumpkin breakfast cookies, healthy pumpkin oatmeal cookies, pumpkin breakfast cookies. The recipe for these healthy pumpkin cookies is ON SPOT! Making Pumpkin Breakfast Cookies is simpler than you would think! How to Make Pumpkin Breakfast Cookies. Love how the 1/4 cup measure makes the perfect round cookie. Whip up a batch ahead of time to have around for breakfast on-the-go during busy mornings! Skip the chocolate chips all together to make these into the perfect breakfast cookies. Pumpkin Breakfast Cookies These healthy, low sugar Pumpkin Breakfast Cookies are perfect for a grab and go breakfast or snack. A 1 bowl 6 ingredient 30 minute recipe. Packed with pumpkin spice flavor, healthy whole grains, and healthy fats! document.removeEventListener('mousemove',loadFc0a5) Still delicious! When you can eat and make your heart happy, and stomach happy, you’re onto something sweet. s.setAttribute('data-uid','0a5a46a7b0-XX');document.head.appendChild(s); I like to pack a few pumpkin oatmeal cookies for an easy breakfast on the go, or as a midday snack to replace my typical granola bar. They are very similar to baked oatmeal, only individually portioned and shaped like a cookie. Breakfast; Healthy Pumpkin Breakfast Cookies (Gluten-free & Vegan) By. These healthy cookies give you a pumpkin fix at 100 calories a pop. I don’t know whether to savor these few remaining bites and relish in how truly delicious they are or weep over their soon-to-be absence. If using fresh pumpkin… var s=document.createElement('script');s.async=true;s.onload=function(){};s.src='//'; In honor of fall and my mission to eat allofthepumpkin, I decided to create a pumpkin-packed version of my husband’s favorite oatmeal breakfast cookie. This gluten-free and clean eating breakfast treat is made with wholegrain oats, cranberries, pumpkin seeds and honey. Hi! Each healthy breakfast cookie has only 1.3g net carbs and are gluten free too! « Healthy Pineapple Whip – better than at Disneyland – VIDEO, Sautéed Beet Greens with Nectarines + Feta ». }function loadFcSC0a5(){if(window.scrollY>88)loadFc0a5()};document.addEventListener('scroll',loadFcSC0a5); Today I did mini dark chocolate chips and half pumpkin seeds and half walnuts. Yes, my Protein Packed Egg White Oatmeal is delicious, but it still requires you to wash a sticky, oatmeal covered pan.. which who has time for that?! No, unfortunately you can’t use quick cook or steel cut oats to make these healthy breakfast cookies. I made these delicious cookies and will be keeping this recipe as a new favorite in my household. These soft & chewy pumpkin breakfast cookies are the perfect healthy, make-ahead, portable breakfast for busy mornings. Mix all the dry ingredients together in a mixing bowl. Organic Rolled Porridge Oats (2kg) - Sussex WholeFoods. In a bowl whisk together pumpkin, coconut oil, maple syrup and egg. I cannot stand the taste of flax. This is the exception though! ; Make them gluten free by subbing the whole wheat flour in this oatmeal pumpkin cookies with a cup-for-cup gluten free flour blend and using certified gluten free rolled oats. They are so easy and so hardy! Allow the cookies to cool and store in an airtight container in the refrigerator for 5-6 days. Moist, lightly sweetened with refined sugar-free sweeteners and banana, these are the best vegan breakfast cookies to start the day! Unlike a granola bar, they often have some sort of flour to help bind everything together and give “cookie texture”. Although oats don’t contain any gluten naturally, regular oats may be contaminated with gluten during processing in facilities that also process wheat. Made with oats, pumpkin seed butter, cozy fall spices & maple syrup, they’re gluten free, refined sugar-free, and nut-free with a vegan option! And fairly quick because the recipe only makes a dozen, so depending on the size of your baking sheet you could potentially get this recipe into the oven in one go. vegan, oil-free, gluten-free friendly and can also be made nut-free! Healthy sweet breakfast or snack! Made these and they came out amazing!! Add the oats and … Prep Time: 10 minutes; Cook Time: 12 minutes; Total Time: 22 minutes; Yield: 12 cookies 1 x; Scale: 1x 2x 3x; Print. First things first, pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees F and line a baking sheet with parchment paper. 1 cup oats . Cookies, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Kid Friendly Lunches, Oatmeal, Recipes, Vegan, Video breakfast cookies, Chocolate Chips, cookie, Fall, Healthy, Oats, pumpkin, Walnuts About Dani Dani Spies is the founder and host of Clean & Delicious; a weekly cooking show on YouTube and a healthy … Required fields are marked *. Healthy pumpkin cookies are made with only a few pantry staples. Making them right now for my co workers. Pumpkin Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies Last Updated: Dec 13, 2020 Kids and adults alike will devour these healthy, protein-packed pumpkin oatmeal breakfast cookies – … The flax is kind of optional although it helps a little to hold the cookies together. Love, love love them. What you are. And, go ahead, drink a pumpkin spice latte while you … Healthy Pumpkin Cookies that are thick, pillowy soft, and filled with pumpkin spice and everything nice. These are delicious!! Pureed pumpkin packs a punch of Vitamin A & C, and is high in fibre and potassium and incredibly low calorie. Is there really anything better than cookies for breakfast? I stubbornly took issue with people trying to pass you off as a cookie-cookie. Bake at 350 for 17-19 minutes until bottom of the cookies have browned. ; Make them gluten free by subbing the whole wheat flour in this oatmeal pumpkin cookies with a cup-for-cup gluten free flour blend and using certified gluten free rolled oats. Is a serving a single cookie? And guess what? Replace the the pumpkin puree with butternut squash puree or sweet potato puree. These cookies are fall in dessert form. Enjoy! Whisk together pumpkin, honey, oil, egg, vanilla and spices. These DELICIOUS Fall inspired breakfast cookies are made with whole oats, pumpkin, Fall spices, almond butter, and other delicious ingredients. These “cookies” are the perfect breakfast … Not very often do you hear the words healthy and cookie in the same sentence. These easy 4-ingredient pumpkin banana cookies are healthy pumpkin oatmeal cookies perfect as a healthy Fall breakfast. These hearty breakfast pumpkin and oat cookies provide fiber to keep you full longer and help reduce cholesterol. The mixture should hold together when pressed into a cookie-shaped … Store bought or packaged breakfast cookies are not usually as healthy as homemade, but I’ve seen some pretty decadent cookie recipes out there that I probably wouldn’t enjoy for breakfast on a regular basis. You could of course eat more or less, but that’s what the nutrition facts are for. Been making these cookies for a long time. This gluten-free and vegan breakfast treat is made with rolled oats, cashew butter, pumpkin puree and maple syrup. These flourless pumpkin cookies are made with oats, use mashed banana as a natural binder, and incorporate nutritionally dense hemp hearts into the mix. If you’re interested in making these pumpkin breakfast cookies a touch more decadent, I’d sub in semi-sweet chocolate chips for the raisins, add in a couple of handfuls of chopped walnuts, and up the maple syrup to 1/2 cup.

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