Here’s how long it takes to beat Kingdom Hearts III: ReMind.. Kingdom Hearts III: ReMind came out last week as the first paid expansion to the latest Kingdom Hearts game. It was released today, and a lot of folks are wondering how to begin playing it, and whether they need to have completed the base game before starting or not. Kevin Tucker January 24, 2019 2:40 PM For Kingdom Hearts III on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "What level where you when you beat the game? At long last, Square Enix has released the title that many thought would never come. Beating "Kingdom Hearts 3" will take awhile if you just want to get through the story. ". See Also: The Full List of Synthesis Recipes for Kingdom Hearts 3. Look, we always want to complete games we start, right? It adds several new in-game features such as Greeting Mode and Slideshow Function, as well as Limit Cut boss battles and of course, the ReMind campaign expansion.. Sat, Jan 30, 2021 How Long to Beat Kingdom Hearts 3 We have heard from some sources in the industry that it will take around 30 hours or so to beat the main story of Kingdom Hearts 3. Kingdom Hearts III is finally here. To experience everything the game has to offer, you are going to need a lot more time. Kingdom Hearts 3 … So while Kingdom Hearts 3 may not be quite as long as some reported prior to launch, the game does still have plenty of content to keep fans busy for quite awhile. Kingdom Hearts 3 will take dozens of hours to beat, though players who stray from the critical path can expect many dozen more. Well, there’s extra motivation for beating Kingdom Hearts 3, as Square Enix has promised a secret epilogue movie to the game within a few days of the Kingdom Hearts 3 Launch. ReMind costs $30 USD, which is quite a bit for some DLC. How Long to Beat Kingdom Hearts 3 Guide. That is mainly for doing some treasure hunting and other collectibles but mainly focusing on the story itself. Kingdom Hearts III is the third game in the beloved RPG series and features a mature Sora who sets forth on an adventure with Mickey, Donald and … Home » Kingdom Hearts 3 » How to Start Re Mind DLC in Kingdom Hearts 3 Re Mind is the first story DLC for Kingdom Hearts 3. Though the franchise has seen multiple spinoffs and side stories, it took fourteen long years from the release of Kingdom Hearts 2 before we got 3.Kingdom Hearts 3 … For completionists, Kingdom Hearts 3 representatives have stated there’s upwards of 80 hours of content in the game.Based on this information, it’ll take players around 30 hours to complete when speeding through the game, skipping all cutscenes, and ignoring collectibles.