A frequent question that new cabin owners have is: ‘how do I clean hard to reach places?’. Phone: (800) 767-5656. The table below lists major manufacturers of stains, sealants and other cabin maintenance products. The benefits of backer rod are that it provides insulation and a cushion for the logs as they expand and contract. Within our log home product inventory, you will find industry-acclaimed … Sashco has all the equipment you need to media blast your log or wood home to prepare it for the perfect staining job. Our desire is to provide you with quality log home care and products that are designed to enhance and preserve the natural beauty of the wood and to provide maximum service at competitive prices. I’d highly recommend you give it a watch if you intend on restaining your own home. There are many products used to seal and protect cedar-sided, log and timber-frame cabins. Log-Gevity™ Log Maintenance Wash - 5 Gallons Price: $113.58. A well maintained cabin will stay sturdy and be a nice, cozy place to get out of the elements longer than you or I will be around. At Log Home Maintenance and Supply, we have a passion for log homes and helping contractors and home owners to finish, maintain, restore and beautify their home. From chinking to staining to finish, there are so many products and methods to choose from. It will arm you with the knowledge you need to get things done right the first time. Log-Gevity™ New Log Prep - 1 Gallon Price: $26.08. Some horror stories have been told about how log homes and log cabins quickly fell into disrepair and thousands of dollars were spent bringing the homes back to their original beauty. Maintenance Free Log Siding EverLog™ Systems is a unique construction material company located in Missoula, Montana that offers a family of concrete log and timber products with the exact look and texture of natural wood cabin logs while eliminating the problems associated with … Log Care Products also provides log home maintenance inspections and restoration and repair services such as log replacement, cleaning, staining, caulking and chinking. 2017 Sashco. In 1981 PCS introduced flexible chinking to the log home industry to replace what was the standard at the time - concrete mortar. While this product is more for cleaning than maintenance, it’s an essential part of cabin care. Manufacturers include Sashco, Continental, Cox, Wooster, wood products such as logs, lumber, siding, log home packages, floor … $24.30. There are Lifeline products available for both interior and exterior walls. Focus on using inorganic materials on the base As your log cabin is made of wood, it is at risk of attracting pests that can damage the wood such as termites, wood ants, even cockroaches, if your wooden walls are sat directly on the ground. This is a great video which explains how to apply log home stain. Log Home Repair . It is also compatible with all Perma-Chink systems wood care products. foam gun, guttering, downspouts). Unique Log Cabin Maintenance & Building Materials If there is one thing Mountain Home Building Products knows and demands, its quality; and we represent only top-of-the-line manufacturers. Mix one cup of trisodiumphosphate or TSP (a powdered detergent product available at Home Depot or your local hardware store) with one quart fresh, plain liquid bleach and three quarts of mildly warm water to help the solution dissolve. Many log homes use caulk between their logs to create a seal that keeps out airflow, water, and pests. These are the products that are must-haves for every cabin and that you’ll want to use again and again! Twin Creeks Log Home Supply is the leading provider of lumber, stains, sealants and other products for building, updating, and maintaining log homes. This is great for unseasoned logs as it has unique breathable film that allows logs to dry out. Maintenance Products for Log Homes Our manufacturing/processing facility will be closed for the Thanksgiving Holiday. Wood is a natural material and left unmaintained will undoubtedly deteriorate, given enough time exposed to the elements. For maintenance tips that will help you extend the life of your log cabin, continue reading! | 109 Gillum St., Grandview, TX 76050 | 817-409-6513, Leland’s Custom PreFab Cabins and Tiny Homes of Texas, An Office or Classroom in Your Own Back Yard, 10 Revenue Generating Ideas for Your Park, Best Indoor Plants To Decorate Your Cabin. If you’re a log cabin owner, or are looking to become one, you probably have a lot of questions about the maintenance and upkeep of your property. At Schroeder Log Home Supply Inc., we understand that taking care of your log home is extremely important, which is why we only offer the best products from trusted leaders in the industry. Just four months later, the massive cedar Château was complete: a building feat which captured the popular imagination of the … See more ideas about Cabin, Log homes, Log cabin homes. This revolutionary product, Perma-Chink Log Home Chinking, looked like authentic mortar but stretched and flexed to accommodate log movement while … CPR Log Cleaner & Brightener. Chinking products can be used on both the interior and exterior sides of your log house. You also need to make sure you protect right in the first place by … Log-Gevity™ New Log Prep - 5 Gallons Price: $127.82. "Log Home Fasteners,Log Home Books,Log Home Chinking,Log Home Exterior Wood Finishes,Log Home Grip Strip™ / Backer Rod,Log Home Interior Wood Finishes,Log Home Merchandise,Log Home Restoration / Maintenance,Log Home Sealants,Log Home Tools,Log Home … Oxygenated bleach wood and log cleaner and brightener, For easy and fast finish sanding after power washing and media blasting. You’re probably aware of the concerns some people have about log home maintenance. If your log cabin has been treated with deep penetrating log cabin stain, and the plan is to simply wash the logs, there is a fairly short list of oil-based stain products that will be compatible with your existing log cabin stain. Wood Finishes, Wood Preservatives, Wood Cleaners and Restoration Products all are Made in the U.S.A. Designed by 1FEE. A log stain or sealer is important to keep on hand year-round to touch up any areas that need it. It’s highly important to use chinking compatible on a chemical level with the stain, preservative or other products you apply to your logs. Spray-on water-based borate log home preservative, Clear finishing top coat for use over top of Sashco’s Capture® log home stain, Water-based elastomeric log home finish and stain, Oil-in-water hybrid wood siding stain that’s easy to maintain. X-180 Weathered Wood Restorer - 1 Gallon Price: $39.07. If the log cabin has been stained using a surface film-coat system, options for staining your log cabin are numerous. Modern offerings have grown to include time-tested formulas, new colors and eco-friendly options. These include specialty tools needed for stain or log home chinking applications, foam backer rod for sealant application, log home fasteners, log home gasket tapes, brushes, trowels and many others. Don’t be alarmed, there’s nothing difficult about maintaining a cabin. 10300 East 107th Place You want to keep backer rod on hand because if you have a large gap in your logs (or a crack) backer rod should be added before you caulk. Maintenance: Gently power wash and re-coat every 3-5 years. Regular and proactive maintenance We carry Continental, Perma-chink, Sansin, and Sashco log home products, including stains and finishes, wood cleaners, chinking, caulking, and wood treatments. Carpenter bees and carpenter ants in particular can cause severe damage to log homes. Keeping your stain intact is one of the best ways to preserve the longevity of your logs. This is a product that you’ll be extra thankful to have ready when the time comes to use it! All orders received from November 21-29, 2020 will not be processed and … Every log cabin will need its logs stained every few years. © 2020 Leland's Cabins | All rights reserved. Water-based acrylic latex textured wood caulk, Water-based caulk for log home repair and sealing. Media blasting a log home with corn cob or walnut shell to remove old finish is a green method and very efficient and gets the job done better than sanding the logs to prepare for log staining. Sika-Flex Caulk Log Home Tan (Sikaflex®-219 LM) is a one-component, low-modulus, high performance, moisture curing polyurethane sealant with excellent adhesion to wood which makes it perfect for your log home or log cabin maintenance needs. We also offer a log cabin maintenance, renovation and repair service. Do This! Lifeline™ finishes bring your log homes appearance to life. A little routine maintenance will protect your log cabin investment and keep it in tip top condition. X-180 Weathered Wood Restorer - 5 Gallons. Dowload Sashco’s complete guide to log home finishing and maintenance. Buy your log home maintenance products here and let us help you do the job right! Review: LifeLine Ultra - 7 comes in some really distinguished colors such as gray and smoke. It’s a duster that’s able to extend and reach high areas easily. When a log home is beyond log home maintenance it has entered the log home restoration phase. It’s why we offer all the accessories and tools you need to do the job right the first time. Chinking and caulking doesn’t start and finish with just a tube of goop. The world's largest log cabin In February of 1930, the site where Fairmont Le Château Montebello now stands was a clearing in the woods. Log home maintenance, provides high quality, discounted log home construction materials and discounted log home maintenance products cheap, Log home stain, Log home caulk, log home chinking, Great DIY log home supply web site; reasonable priced. Brighton, Colorado 80601 Inspection Guide This handy checklist is a great tool to take with you as you do your regular maintenance checks. From routine cabin care to insect prevention and more, this post covers 5 products that you’ll want to keep on hand year-round for cabin maintenance. Caulk The real story is how the homes got that way in the first place. If there are areas of your cabin that have cracks (larger than 1/4″ inch), add caulk to seal it up. CPR Log Cleaner and Brightener is used to bring logs and wood back to life. CPR cleans and brightens bare logs and wood, and restores luster and vibrancy when used for routine log home or log cabin maintenance. Delaying sealing cracks can cause damage to the logs or allow cold air or pests to get in your home. How To Videos Backer rod is made of foam and it’s what goes in the cracks between your logs before chinking or caulking. CLHS also carries a wide assortment of other products to meet your log home care needs. These are the products that are must-haves for every cabin and that you’ll want to use again and again! 2 reviews. Caulk can also be used in corners where logs meet or if there are cracks that go along the logs. In a cabin, the types of bugs you encounter range from pesky invaders to downright destructive. They include books for education on construction and maintenance, log home tools for building, fasteners for holding your building together, preservatives, insecticides for protection against fungi and pests, cleaners to prepare the surface, finishes to shelter against water and sun, and caulking and chinking to reduce water and air infiltration. $767 for 35 gallons of log cabin stain every three years; $230 for caulking; $75 for general maintenance (e.g. 5 Must-Have Products for Cabin Maintenance & Tips for Using Them: 1. From custom milled beams to the most enduring wood protectants in the industry, Twin Creeks Log Home Supply can help you keep your log home in beautiful, long-lasting beauty. British Log Cabins are the exclusive UK distributor of the amazing range of products produced by Perma-Chink Systems Inc. USA. This post was written by Megan Schetzsle of The Cabin Diary and originally appeared here. To give you a place to start, we’ve answered the five most-frequently asked questions about log home maintenance. Keeping your log home beautiful and protected matters. Keep an insecticide on hand so that you can quickly respond to bugs in and around your home. We carry many quality products from Sashco, PermaChink, Weatherall, Albion, Abatron, Osborn, System Three and more... We have a store and fully stocked warehouse in Denver, Colorado and generally ship your order the same day. All Rights Reserved. (Don’t forget something to write with!) This product is the answer! Prevents surface mildew growth between maintenance coats. From routine cabin care to insect prevention and more, this post covers 5 products that you’ll want to keep on hand year-round for cabin maintenance. That is why it’s always good to use the products from the same manufacturer. It means being diligent with semi-annual maintenance inspections and keeping up with routine reapplication of stains or clear coats where needed, when needed. With more than 25 years of finished out cabin building experience, Leland’s is proud to offer custom cabins, cabin shells, tiny homes and commercial cabins delivered to you. When it comes time for a complete re-stain, here’s A Guide To Staining Your Log Home. Log cabins can easily last for several decades or even long if you take care of them. Aug 17, 2020 - Explore The Cabin Diary | Log Cabin Li's board "log home & cabin tips | maintenance, products, resources", followed by 2966 people on Pinterest. When other chinking pulls away, Log Jam keeps its seal. Dos and Don’ts of Log Cabin Repair. Log Home Living's comprehensive listing of companies specializing in maintenance and wood treatment products for log homes, including pest control, finishes, cleaners, coatings, wood preservation stains, chinking materials and more. See Sashco’s log home products on real homes and get inspired. Stain is a protective layer on your logs that helps prevent damage from dirt, bugs, and weather. On the other hand, poor maintenance can ruin a log cabin in a matter of years. All Lifeline products are waterborne, breathable, flexible, durable wood finishes which also highlight the natural beauty of your log home.